Volunteers Program

Grow Some Good is always on the lookout for volunteers. There are always a variety of volunteer opportunities!  Help with watering and light maintenance in the mornings, pick up coffee grounds at the local coffee shop or join a class and help with students during the day. We also have Mala Workdays scheduled at various schools where volunteers help with general maintenance and are encouraged to bring gardening questions and share with the garden community!

Volunteer Articles

“Zero Waste” at Taste of School Gardens

Goals for the Environment Grow Some Good cares deeply about our island environment, and it has long been a goal of ours to reduce the amount of waste generated at the annual Taste of School Gardens event. Through our partnership with the Maui Huliau Foundation Green...

$680 Lokelani Lo’i Restoration

Help us finish the restoration of the Hawaiian Studies lo'i at Lokelani Intermediate that need soil and amendments. This area is used for cultural plant propagation and education. Estimated Cost $680 [donation-can goal_id="grow-some-good" show_description="false"...