$1500 Garden Maintenance Materials

If you think after planting, your money spent on a garden is done, you’ll learn quickly.   Last year at Kihei Elementary we spent about $1500 on “garden maintenance supplies”.  This is pest deterrents, organic amendments, fungii treatments, cover crop seeds, build compost piles, and a long list of things to fix problems!

Estimated Cost $1500/school/year

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$750 Irrigation Supplies

We’ve had generous support for our major irrigation needs from ISI!  However, irrigation is a constant issue and we need both irrigation experts and continuous irrigation supplies!  Last year we spent about $750 on irrigation supplies at Kihei Elementary.  Without water, not too much grows in our garden!

Estimated Cost $750

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$400 Tools

Whether it is student-sized hand tools, wheelbarrows, hoes, and pitchforks, the need for tools in the garden is never ending.  Tools break and disappear (despite locked storage) and last year we spent about $400 in tools just for Kihei Elementary.

Estimated Cost $400/school/year

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$200 Project “Plant It” Supplies

“Project Plant It” is a program where students plant and take care of seedlings until they are ready for new homes.  We send starts home with parents, volunteers and community members.  We ask for donations, but not required.  It really teaches kids both the process, daily care and economics of growing food.   Materials purchased include start trays, organic potting soil, and seeds.

Estimated Cost $200/month

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$200 Shade Canopy

The most requested item by teachers is “More Shade”.  We’ve explored lots of ideas for more permanent shade structures but have hit wall due to DOE rules.  So we utilize temporary shade canopies during our events and outreach programs.   We’re still looking for more permanent solutions too so share your ideas below!

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Estimated Cost $200

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$1500 Garden Coordinator for 1 month

Our garden coordinators are part time contract positions but are available in the garden on most school days.  They are the ones that really make this program sustainable! Coordinators work with the teachers to tune outdoor classroom time, coordinate planting and harvest events, and direct volunteer and garden maintenance personnel.

Garden Coordinators average between 18- 24 classroom hours per week.  That is a lot of keiki learning to grow and harvest good food!

Estimated Cost Per Month: $1500/school

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$150 Student Chef Kits

We have found that if the students help prepare the food, they will eat it.   Student Chef Kits have materials for one class to share and include measuring cups and spoons, harvest and mixing bowls, student knives (plastic but they can cut a carrot!), foods scale, salad spinner, wisks, spatulas, peelers, juicers and cutting mats.

Have: 3  Need: 5

Estimated Cost Per Kit: $150

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$50 Folding Work Table

We are always in need of more folding work tables.  We use them for harvest events, classroom projects, outreach events and more!

We welcome new and used tables as long as they collapse for easy storage and are durable.

Have: 6  Need: 4

Estimated Cost Per Table: $40-$50

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