Who We Are

Grow With Me

Our program was created in 2008 under South Maui Sustainability’s School Garden Committee to support gardens created at Kihei Elementary, Lokelani Intermediate School, and Kamali’i Elementary. Members of South Maui Sustainability felt that working in schools was reaching our future generations to instill much-needed knowledge about sustainability, our environment, and nutrition. Since its inception, the program has expanded its outreach from one teacher at Kihei Elementary and three small raised beds to 11 schools and more than 4,000 students participating in outdoor learning programs every month.

In 2012, the group evolved its identity to better capture our mission and to better respond to requests for assistance with schools throughout Maui. Thus, “Grow Some Good” was born. Through countless partnerships with the County of Maui, Community Work Day, Maui School Garden Network, Kihei-Wailea Rotary Club, and other local organizations, Grow Some Good continues to expand its outreach to neighborhood schools and their surrounding communities. A special thanks to the support of our chef /restaurant sponsors who align with our values of providing fresh local food, increasing awareness of sustainability, and expanding Maui’s agriculture. With your continued support and assistance, we are able to plant new seeds of change every day in our gardens with inspired outdoor learning adventures and greater nutrition awareness for our Keiki.

Business Solutions

2008 – 3 garden beds for 2nd grade teacher set up at Kihei Elementary.

2009 – We surveyed teachers at Kihei Elementary to find most wanted to participate. We received a County Grant and the principal allocated a large center of campus for the garden. We also put in beds at Lokelani.

2010 – We hired our first garden coordinator. This was made possible through donation pledges from our founding chef sponsors – Dan Fiske and Brian Etheredge.

Organizational Timeline

2011 – Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie visits Kihei Elementary school garden. Started the Lokelani Terrace work.

2012 – Started garden at Kihei Charter Middle School and Kamali’i Elementary.

2013 – 1st fundraising event – Taste of School Gardens.

2014 – Started garden programs at Wailuku Elementary, Kahului Elementary, Baldwin High and West Side schools – Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary, Lahaina Intermediate, and Maui Preparatory Academy.

2015 – Started garden programs at Pomaikai Elementary and Pu’u Kukui Elementary. Brought on a Development Director. Became a 501(c)(3) organization. Hired employees including 4 garden coordinators, Operations Manager, Development Director and Executive Director.

Our Mission

Grow Some Good cultivates a healthy community by strengthening local agriculture and improving access to nutritious, affordable food.

Our Vision

Grow Some Good envisions a food-secure community where everyone grows, shares and prepares healthy local food.
  • Program Managment 12% 12%
  • Curriculm Development & Training 6% 6%
  • Garden Maintance & Improvements 27% 27%
  • Outreach & After School Programs 5% 5%

Grow Some Good…

Organization Documents & Financials

Income Distribution

The chart shows distribution of the income to Grow Some Good from August 2018-July 2019. Program services income is from schools with a vendor agreement and for services performed in concert with Maui School Garden Network. We have a good mix of income sources.

Expense Distribution

The expenses and distribution reflect the small and newer organization. For FY 2018, we had 8 part time employees who were all covered by health benefits which is a large piece of our overall expenses. Three of the five garden coordinators also have a position as a PTT (17 hrs/wk) with a school and the board elected to cover medical benefits as long as they are working as a school garden coordinator in excess of 30 hours/week. Although we look at the PTT hours as our “program work” they are not included in our income/expenses and make our distribution to program appear lower than it actually is.

Grow Some Good Programs

We currently only have a single program to support 10 school gardens. The chart shows how hours and expenses are allocated to the program management, curriculum development and training, maintenance and improvements of the gardens and garden education. This year we also did more outreach and supported after school programs at Lokelani and Kihei.

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