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In these times where schools are not allowing traditional garden classes, we are working hard to provide valuable information and engaging lessons to teachers, students and parents.

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Lesson from the Garden: Phototropism

What is Phototropism? Tropism is a growth response between a plant and an external stimulus. The stimulus could be weather, touch, time, gravity or light. A positive response is indicated by growth toward a stimulus and a negative response is indicated by growth away...

Math Matters in the Garden

Math Matters in the Garden

Measuring Perimeter, Area & Volume / Inspiring Entrepreneurial Minds  This week, third and fourth graders at Kihei Elementary School and Wailuku Elementary School practiced measuring perimeter, area and volume in the garden to determine quantities of soil and...

Soil Building with Cover Crops

Soil Building with Cover Crops

The hottest summer months in Kihei are tough on most garden plants, but it’s a great time to introduce cover crops for improving soil health and preparing for the next planting season. These crops also serve as great tools to teach students about nitrogen and its role...