Mahalo for your interest in garden-based learning.

Garden Educational Material

In selecting our platform, we have made some exciting changes. By incorporating these materials into our own website, we can maintain security and utilize a well-established learning management system. Here you can explore educational videos and additional learning materials on soil science, plant science and more for FREE!

Features of the Learning System:


The system will track your completion of courses. This will help us identify what is being used. Lessons are designed to be taken sequentially, but that is not required.


Weʻve moved our videos to Vimeo, instead of YouTube for better security.


One change weʻve made is to make the courses accessible to students; to access they will need to register. We hope to do some special student projects in the future. They can see the progress and access all the material from home. Of course, this is optional.


Teachers can still download everything for use in your own classroom or learning management system on a lesson by lesson basis.


All users will need to register and sign in to use the platform. Registration is free.

What’s New

Soil Science and Plant Science courses are available! We are currently working on two new courses:

  • Hawaiiana
  • Nutrition

Grow Kits through our Kumu Mea Kanu project are available for SY22 Quarter 2 & 3.

The following Kumu Mea Kanu Themed Kits will be available for SY22 Quarter 3. 

  • K-1st – Garden Art Kit
  • 2nd-3rd – Chef Kit
  • 4th-5th – Hawaiiana Kit
  • 6th-8th – Sustainability Kit

Grow Some Good…

Extra Material

The material below is great education content that weʻve captured through the years.   On the videos, there are many good ones —>  select the icon on the top right to see the list.   These are on YouTube.