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A Great Team = Great Gardens

Meet the many talented individuals who make our school gardens successful!

Kathy Becklin

Kathy Becklin

Executive Director

Kathy has served as Executive Director since 2016. She is a co-founder of Grow Some Good and has been the treasurer, website developer and IT specialist since 2009.

Kathy has a BS in Computer Science. She has over 25 years of experience in technology working as software engineer and in management roles at companies including Lockheed Martin, SuccessFactors and Adobe Systems. She left high-tech when she moved to Maui in 2006 and started a career in real estate. Kathy is a Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams Realty Maui. As a gardening advocate, Kathy also has taken plant identification and landscape design classes as well as going through the Maui Master Gardeners program.

Kathy says: 

My goal for the school gardens this year is to move Grow Some Good to a more sustainable operating model where we work closely with schools to ensure high level education is happening in our outdoor classrooms. We are always looking for more ways to measure our impact. We see it everyday just by observing the classes. It is really about building productive gardens, productive kids and having a lot of fun. We have an amazing team this year!

My favorite thing about working with kids is: Kids don’t have borders. They are curious and can learn things that adults label as “too hard for that grade level.” I really love when they taste something new or observe a critter and are excited about sharing their experience with their family.

My favorite thing about gardens is: There is always something new to learn, new to try! There are always great friends to meet in the garden. I have to mention compost…I am the compost-queen…there are so many great lessons in composting.

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui: Whatever is growing in my backyard. Mangopumelo and more. My new favorite is breadfruit and hope to get a tree growing soon!

Jadda Miller

Development Coordinator

Jadda started working with Grow Some Good (GSG) in 2017 as a Garden Coordinator at Kihei Elementary. During this time she became aware of the impact that GSG’s programming was creating in the lives of her students: Inspiring them to care for the environment, fostering a love of vegetables (even the green ones), learning about where their food comes from, and obtaining a healthier perspective on life. In February 2020, Jadda was offered a position working in development for the organization.

Jadda was raised on a farm in Northern California, where her love for the natural world sprouted and grew into a deep-seated desire to protect the environment and cultivate community-supported, sustainable food systems. She holds a B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, an M.S. in Environmental Studies, and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Sustainability Education.

Scott Lacasse

Farm to School Program Manager

Scott joined Grow Some Good in November 2019 as the first Farm to School Program Manager. With the merger of MSGN this was a much needed role. Scott will focus on managing and improving farm to school support and program impact for nearly 8,000 students on Maui and Lānaʻi.

Scott joins us after a six years at Montessori School of Maui as Living Classroom Resource Teacher and student-led Sustainability Committee facilitator. Scott’s background includes extensive experience in landscape architecture and design. He also recently completed a Master of Science Graduate Degree in Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College (Vermont) with a vision of applying these principles to our living classrooms.  

When he’s not rooted in research or teaching, you can find Scott, camera in hand, at the forest or beach with his wife, Megan, daughter, Mae, and dog, Abbey.

Kat Powers

Garden Coordinator

Kathy Powers

Kahului Elementary School & Wailuku Elementary School

Kat has 25+ years as professional landscape designer & contractor.  She has taken courses in landscape design, irrigation, native plant identification & small business practices. Kat is currently working on an Aromatherapy Certificate. Kat also serves as part-time Farm Manager for Grow Some Good.

Kat says:

My goal for my gardens this year is to provide a functional, healthy, fun & safe garden learning experience.

What I’m really looking forward to:  working with the kieki and getting to know the school communities.

My favorite thing about working with kids is: watching them thrive, laugh and learn!

My favorite thing about gardens is: being a part of all that grows.

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui is breadfruit.


I have so much appreciation for this opportunity to work in the school gardens.

Cynthia Cordova

Garden Coordinator

Pu’u Kukui Elementary School

Cynthia Cordova

Cynthia has BA Degrees in Agriculture, Food and Sustainability and in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production. She started with Grow Some Good in 2016.

Cynthia says:

My goal for the gardens this year is to grow more, harvest more, and share more.

What I’m really looking forward to: Teaching in the shade structure that was built over the summer at Pu’u Kukui. When it rains or when it’s really hot the students now have a place to sit and take a break.

My favorite thing about working with kids is: teaching them the power of growth and watching them grow with their plants.

My favorite thing about gardens is: how it creates a sense of community. It brings people together to work for a greater good.

My favorite fruits that grow on Maui are lilikoi and mango.

Bradley Mason

Garden Coordinator

Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary School

Bradley Mason

Bradley was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and moved to West Maui in July of 2010. The son of a teacher and coach, education and athletics have been a part of his life since his youth. He was an elite swimmer and water polo player in Illinois, so moving to an island home was a natural fit. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a major in Education and a minor in Math and Science Concepts for Middle School Instruction. This is his eighth year in education in West Maui having taught science at both Sacred Hearts School and Lahainaluna High School and previously being a garden coordinator at Lahaina Intermediate and Maui Preparatory Academy. This is his ninth season as the Head Coach of the Lahainaluna Water Polo team having earned MIL Coach of the Year recognition in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

His passion for organic gardening/farming, local food security and incorporating health and wellness into education began while at Sacred Hearts, where he created his first organic school garden. He was trained by the Ku Aina Pa School Garden Teacher Training Program based in Waimea, Hawaii and also at the Farm as School, Food as Medicine Institute, a biodynamic farm in Pauuilo, Hawaii. Bradley is excited to a part of the Grow Some Good family and continuing the important work of teaching West Maui students about growing food and establishing lifelong healthy habits.

Sophia Mershad

Garden Coordinator

King Kamehameha III Elementary and Makawao Elementary

Sophia holds a degree in Sustainability Studies with an emphasis in Permaculture Design. She is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leader School in Patagonia, Chile and has an appreciation for herbal medicine. While in college she had an internship at an Environmental Education Center and realized that there was a way to combine her passion for children, farming, and the environment.  

My goals for the school garden program this year:
To get the children excited about the wonderful world of plants!

What I’m looking forward to most:
Getting the children to eat different fruits or vegetables that they normally wouldn’t.

What I like most about school garden programs:
Getting children outside and getting their hands in the soil. There is a lot less of that happening these days.

What inspires me about working with kids in the garden:
Seeing the big smiles and excitement that comes from discovering and learning new things. We are all meant to connect with nature.

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui:
Longans, dino kale and lilikoi!

Havilah Mills

School Garden Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Haiku Elementary School

Havilah remembers growing and harvesting food from a large backyard garden in Idaho. That experience had a huge impact on her connection to food and what it meant to care for the land that provided for her family. She brought that passion with her to the tropical climate of Hawaii. She became a certified Maui Master Gardener in 2017 and took over as the School Garden Director at Haiku Elementary School shortly thereafter. She’s an active member of the Hawai’i Farmer’s Union United, where she runs their “Junior Farmers Program” and has worked with Grow Some Good in various capacities over the last three years. We are happy to welcome her aboard as the new Volunteer Coordinator to assist with volunteer needs for all school gardens across the island.  

Havilah’s goals for the school garden program this year:

  • Expanding our compost system to get students excited about the process of creating healthy soil for our garden.
  • Installing a much needed irrigation system.
  • Creating a vertical garden to show how we can use engineering and design to maximize efficiency in growing food.
  • Installing an outdoor “kitchen” space where students can learn practical food preparation and cooking skills to encourage them to make healthy choices.
  • Expanding our after school garden club to provide more time in the garden for those students interested in learning and helping more!    

What I’m looking forward to most: Our harvest parties! When students are able to harvest what they have seeded and planted and learn the preparation and cooking skills on how to turn that fresh produce into healthy and nutritious food is one of my favorite things! 

Favorite inspirations from the school garden: When children get excited about building healthy soil! 

What guides my work with students in the garden: A deeply rooted passion for educating our keiki about how we can collectively grow our own healthy, organic food to care for ourselves, our community, and our planet. 

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui: Ulu!

About your new position as Volunteer Coordinator: Volunteers are indispensable. The success of school gardens and the farm to school movement depends on the time, energy, and commitment of volunteers that are passionate and willing to help where needed. Through community involvement in school gardens, we can build the momentum needed to make positive change and to reconnect our children, our communities, and our islands to local food systems.

Do you have a favorite volunteer story/experience to share? My favorite volunteer experiences are the workdays where there’s music and laughter and teamwork and community building. There’s nothing better than finishing a workday or a project and seeing what a big difference we made. Recognizing the significance of the effort and the impact it will have on the children’s learning experience, while celebrating the new friendships we’ve formed is priceless.

Anything else you’d like to add to your profile? I’m looking forward to connecting any and all interested volunteers, including local businesses, work groups, clubs, organizations, and others to the important and highly heart-satisfying work that’s being done in school gardens across Maui.  

To sign up as a volunteer, send email to volunteer@growsomegood.org.

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Amber Shettler

Garden Coordinator

Kahului Elementary and Waiheʻe Elementary

Amber grew up in the Redwood forests of Northern California where her love of the outdoors began. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Education which allowed her to combine her passion for sharing knowledge and her desire to be out in nature. She went on to work for seven years at the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program where she had the opportunity to manage their garden space and oversee the curriculum for their organic garden and composting program. It was there that Amber realized her true passion was in teaching youth about gardening and sustainability.

As a Garden Coordinator for Grow Some Good, Amber is excited to continue sharing her love of plants and the garden ecosystem with her students.

Laura Finkle

Garden Coordinator

Kihei Elementary

Laura grew up in the Ridge and Valley region of rural northwest New Jersey. She spent her childhood hiking the Appalachian Trail, mountain biking the woodlands, and working with her siblings in their family’s produce garden. She fell in love with nature at an early age; in turn, she has developed a deep passion for helping others to learn about and find their place in the natural world.

She has taken part in nearly a decade of experiential education, working for camps, nonprofits, outdoor science schools, and state parks across the country and island of Maui. Laura believes that outdoor education programs that surround children with the natural world and a supportive community, enable them to develop confidence, character, life skills, and simply blossom as individuals. To be part of something so meaningful and to have the opportunity to create magical experiences for young people, is what continues to drive Laura’s passion for this work.

In addition to our own staff we support many garden coordinators, agriculture instructors and teachers who are growing food on their schools campus.

If you have question about our team, schools or program, please contact us at 808-215-9228.