From The Lahiana News here’s a great article on Community Workday partnerships to help install 18 community and school gardens in Maui County over the next several years.

From the article:

This initiative involves a grassroots effort to build 18 school/community gardens in Maui County in partnership with the CDC, state Department of Health, county Department of Water Supply, University of Hawaii Maui College, Maui School Garden Network, Maui Economic Opportunity, Bioponic Phytoceuticals and Ace Hardware, with the support of many other local businesses, restaurants and non-profits.

Through the combined efforts of schools, community groups and government agencies, residents will learn about the important topic of food security while strengthening the sustainability of our islands, Lane said,

By volunteering to build these gardens, participants will receive the added health benefits of increased physical activity and access to locally grown produce.

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Project to revitalize LHS Agriculture Department