Grow Some Good Educational School Gardens - Kihei Maui HawaiiJust as the caterpillars emerge as butterflies, a new season brings a new name, look and metamorphosis for our group, formerly called South Maui School Gardens Project. Grow Some Good – Educational School Gardens on Maui – speaks to the heart of our dedication to creating hands-on, outdoor learning experiences that cultivate curiosity about natural life cycles, connect students to their food sources, and inspire better nutrition choices.

Big Mahalo to Saedine Ota and her crew at Sae Design for our new logo! Sae Design has taken Grow Some Good under their wings as their new probono account, helping us to create this new identity with eye-catching designs for our outreach materials and events. So far, we’ve incorporated the new look into our website, cards, banners, organic seed packets, videos and more.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Grow Some Good carrot at community events throughout the island, where we’ll be demonstrating easy home gardening techniques and giving away seeds and starts to help you get growing.

Grow Some Good:

What’s Growing On?
> Education– We work with school administration and teachers to become an integral part of the education system, enabling garden projects as an outdoor classroom setting.  We host/teach classes tied to Hawaii public school curriculum K-5 and are starting up a new middle school program.
> Eats– Our programs directly tie food grown in the garden to what students eat. Our work with chefs give us a unique capability to have special ‘in the garden’ events featuring the chefs who change foreign looking garden ingredients into awesome healthy eats!  We look forward to sponsoring mini-grants that make similar programs available to schools island-wide. For example, we could connect a chef to a school for a recipe demo or food tasting or provide a mini-grant to provide student chef kits.

> Fundraising –  Our relationships with local chefs goes beyond teaching students; it is what has sustained us and helped us connect the hard work in garden to the delicious payoff for students and volunteers. In a variety of programs from monthly pledges to larger fundraisers, our chefs are an integral connection to raising funds that support our programs.

> Gardening – We educate students, teachers, volunteers and the community about gardening and growing food in Hawaii.  We encourage student’s natural curiosity through planting, finding worms, identifying bugs, composting and understanding plant lifecycles.

> Community – Through plant adoptions, work & learn days, and other outreach, we share the school gardens with our community to inspire backyard gardens and neighborhood gardens everywhere. We share what we’ve done and learned on our blog site, so others can grow similar programs in Hawaii and beyond. From teachers, staff, volunteers, parents and students, thousands are already touched in some way by the gardens.  In turn, they share the seeds of knowledge with an exponential network of friends and family. For example, in its first few months, Project: Plant It! students and volunteers have given away more than 400 plants and sampled recipes to hundreds of parents with YMCA… we look forward to growing this outreach and our relationships with people who care about growing our future.

> Reading – We co-sponsor grants to supply teachers and students with garden and nutrition-inspired books for curriculum, projects, classrooms and libraries.

This has been an incredible year of transformation for our gardens, students and families who are taking new steps to Grow Some Good in their neighborhoods… and having a great time while they’re at it.

We hope our work together inspires the same growth in your neighborhood!