Beginning Botanist – Learn what seeds need to grow. Study seed and developing plant parts. Grow vegetable starts from seeds and observe them in the classroom under different conditions, then bring them back for planting in the garden.

Good Bugs & Pest Detectives – Be a detective in the garden to learn about which bugs are considered beneficial, which ones are considered pests and why.

Compost Critters – Learn about decomposing critters, how they help to make soil from veggie scraps and yard waste and more!

We’ve Got Worms – Introduce your students to hundreds of soil helpers in our new worm farm. Learn basic anatomy of a worm in real life, bring your storytelling to the garden and dig into the wonderful world of worms.

Weather Trackers – Measure rain fall, wind velocity, direction, and check the temperature with our new weather vanes.

Math Alive – Math springs to life as students use their living classroom to measure the compost bin circumference and volume, count red & green tomatoes, subtract the difference or use multiplication to figure how many new plants grow from green bean seed pods.

Cycle of Life – Use the garden as a living classroom for lessons on life cycles. Compost old plants, collect their seeds, plant new starts and take them back to your classroom to study how they grow. Then, bring them back for planting days!