The individualʻs role in the conservation of natural resources. Conservation is a set of practices that preserve, restore, and protect natural resources and ecosystem Preserve, repair, and prevent deterioration of the environment, topsoil, water, and natural resources Waste is a system out of balance

THEME: Nature’s Design: Systems, Cycles, Patterns, Relationships, and Adaptations in the Garden System
STRAND: Best Conservation Practices

Key Concepts

Identify and describe natural resources in your community and how humans use them. Identify how resources can be renewable or nonrenewable.

Communicate solutions that will reduce the impact of humans on the land, water, air, and/or other living things in the local environment. NGSS

Identify invasive species in your geographical area and get to know them.
o Understand how they move and multiply.
o Understand how they impact the environment.

Repair water damage and soil erosion in the garden environment.

Design a Zero waste system for your garden, classroom or home. STEM


\* Recycle and reuse all natural resources in the garden.
\* Discuss how we impact the land, water, air, soil, or other living things. Identify a problem on campus or in the garden. Brainstorm and design a solution and choose one or more to implement.
\* Plant trees on campus. Native Plant identification Garden / Campus walk.
\* Share stories of the native plants in your garden, campus, coastline, or forest.
\* Identify and get to know invasive species in your community. Collect research by reading or asking questions. Identify ways that students can help reduce the impacts of invasive species.
\* Get to know alien invasive species in your garden, school, and community.
\* Plant more native species in your school garden or campus and learn their Hawaiian names and stories.
\* Plant the state flower Hibiscus Brackenridgei Ma’o Hau Hele.
\* Create a wildlife garden section in your school garden to, attract pollinators and predators.


What are natural resources and what is conservation?

What causes an extinction of a plant or animal species?

What would happen if there were no trees on our island?

Discuss the impact of humans on the natural environment.
What are native plant species?
What are some alien and invasive plant species?
How can we protect the native habitat?

Identify ways that we can recycle discards in our classroom or at home.