Recognize the action of water in living systems

THEME: Nature’s Design: Systems, Cycles, Patterns, Relationships, and Adaptations in the Garden System

Key Concepts

Develop a model or solution that slows or prevents water from making changes to the shape of the land.

Discover that water flows down hill.

Understand that the forest is an essential component of the Water Cycle.


Conduct an investigation and compare plants or seeds grown with and without water.

Develop a system for watering the garden (use watering cans) and nursery plants. Learn how to water and when and how much water is needed (e.g. test for soil moisture using a finger as indicator).

Identify areas of the garden or school campus that are impacted by water. Discuss and design a solution for the, problem. Compare multiple solutions.


Students explore how their family gets water in their home (e.g., bottled water, well, county piped water, rain catchment).

Students list all the ways water is used.

\* See Appendix: Read or tell the story:
“Rain Follows the Forest.”