Food is place based, and different regions around the world have distinct culinary attributes

THEME: Nourishment: Feeding Our Mind and Body with What It Needs to Stay Healthy and Flourish
STRAND: Food Culture

Key Concepts

Name foods that grow in your regional area.

Categorize locally grown foods into groups based on attributes i.e. fruits/vegetables.


Conduct a garden walk to identify food plants.

Sort and classify garden plants into food groups and identify their origin.

Create a word bank of foods grown in your area.

Create a word bank of distinctly cultural foods eaten by your families.

Grow at least one food from each culture represented. Taste test.


Students create a card game to sort fruits and vegetables. Each student draws a different fruit or vegetable. Sort and classify.

Keep Word Banks in your classroom and integrate vocabulary.

Create a class mural showing different cultures and respective foods represented in your community