Identify, design, and practice techniques that build resilient food systems (e.g., seed saving, encouraging biodiversity, nutrient recycling and water conservation).

THEME: Nourishment: Feeding Our Mind and Body with What It Needs to Stay Healthy and Flourish
STRAND: Food Justice & Security

Key Concepts

Recognize that a biodiverse system is a resilient system.


Conduct a biodiversity survey in your school garden. Observe relationships which indicate resilience or imbalance in your garden system.(e.g., aphids and ladybugs)

\*See Appendix:
Bioblitz Survey

Recognize and describe local honey production. Discuss pollination and local food security. Learn about bees from local beekeeper. Identify pollinators in school garden.

Select a plant with desirable traits to save seeds from. Save, store, and propagate seed.

Conduct interviews with community members to create seed stories. Collect, and share seed stories.


Compare and contrast various economic systems using garden produce.