Understand that discarded food is a valuable resource. Identify and apply practices that eliminate and/or redirect discarded food from landfill systems

THEME: Nourishment: Feeding Our Mind and Body with What It Needs to Stay Healthy and Flourish
STRAND: Food Justice & Security

Key Concepts

Define and describe landfills. Define and describe food waste.


Create a vermiculture system and utilize castings as fertilizer.

Incorporate garden snack discards into garden compost system. Layer with appropriate amounts of green/brown components.

Compare and contrast volume of food discards in a classroom versus a school-wide lunch program.

Examine a trashcan after lunch. Identify food waste (i.e., food waste audit).

Identify practices that produce food waste.

Identify local landfill systems.
Identify local wastewater systems.


Define and design a waste reclamation model for a variety of locations.

Generate and compare possible solutions to landfill waste

Create multi-media presentation to share findings.

Unit cubes of food waste.