Analyze the social, economic, and environmental impacts of food systems including the energy inputs and outputs

THEME: Nourishment: Feeding Our Mind and Body with What It Needs to Stay Healthy and Flourish
STRAND: Food Justice & Security

Key Concepts

Understand how a modern food system works in context of social, environmental, and economic systems.


Examine agricultural practices of various cultures.

Log planting and harvest data, record weight of harvest. Identify patterns in data.

Identify social, economic and environmental inputs needed to grow plants.

Compare and contrast a garden task completed by manual labor versus machine.

Identify and model wise use of resources.

Draw a model of various food systems including energy inputs and outputs.

Compare and contrast various inputs in different environments needed to grow plants.

Graph seasonal data from garden logs.


Use a bar graph to represent a food system, food miles, inputs and outputs.

Measuring distances on a map of a food system.

Show knowledge of relative size – feet vs. miles. Local food close by (feet) vs. imported (miles).

Create multi-media presentation of the solutions to share with class, community.