Biodiversity within the garden environment

THEME: The Living Soil–The Living Plant: We are all Interconnected and Related
STRAND: Biodiversity and Interdependent Relationships

Key Concepts

Diversity creates strength and health in a living system, plant and animal interdependence.


Conduct a nature walk to identify trees and plants on the school campus. What is biodiversity?

Observe and/or draw different types of seeds or leaves and describe their differences; have students sort them based on their observations.

Count and name the different types of trees students can see from the garden.

Biodiversity Survey: Who lives in our garden, what are their names? How many of each can you count?

Compare biodiversity of the campus to the garden.


Ask students to share what they saw on the campus nature walk. Can they remember the names of any of the trees or plants?

Where is there the most biodiversity,campus or garden? Why?

Read On One Flower – Butterflies,Ticks and a Few More Icks by Anthony D. Fredericks

Offer for reference non-fiction texts such as What Lives in the Garden? by John Woodward