The life cycle of a plant, from seed to seed, structure and function

THEME: The Living Soil–The Living Plant: We are all Interconnected and Related
STRAND: Science of Living Plants

Key Concepts

Identify the structure and function of the 6 plant parts.

Identify and describe patterns of what plants and animals need to survive.


Grow a plant from seed to seed; observe, measure, and record/graph growth.

Identify the stages of the life cycle and six plant parts as plants grow in the garden.

Learn the Six Plant Part Song.

Grandmaʻs Seed Box: sort and classify.

Grow and prepare a salad using ingredients from all six plant parts.

Identify the edible and nonedible parts of plants in the school garden.


Germinate a bean seed on a moist paper towel in the classroom and observe over 1-2 weeks. Draw what you see over time.

If your school has the USDA FFVP Program use the weekly snack as another way to talk about the edible parts of fruits and vegetables

Practice the Six Plant Part Song.

Ask students to draw the six plant parts of one type of plant.
Label the parts with words. Share.

Read Itʻs Harvest Time by Jean McElroy

Read Stems by Vijaya K. Bodach.

Experiment with showing absorption and uptake of water and nutrients by using celery stalks placed in mixture of water and food coloring.