The relationship between weeds and soil

THEME: The Living Soil–The Living Plant: We are all Interconnected and Related
STRAND: Science of Living Plants

Key Concepts

Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of common weeds and their names. Identify the role weeds play in soil health.


\*Conduct a weed identification walk to learn the names of common garden weeds

\*Investigate the role of weeds in soil health (ex: identify where weeds grow to cover bare soil)
\*Sort and classify common weeds by variety, leaf size, etc. \*Chop and drop weeds, add to compost, or make tea from weeds (only use weeds that are not vines and are not seeding). K2.2.10


Weeds: Guardians of the Soil. Use this idea for a discussion of weeds and create a poster showing common and useful weeds of your area.