Job Position Overview

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Fundraising and Marketing Manager spearheads fundraising and public relations efforts at Grow Some Good as we grow the organization.

Location: 90% Remote/Work from home; 10% Event participation (subject to increase/decrease according to event/project scheduling and programmatic needs and priorities).

Hours: Part-time non-exempt desired (up to 30 hours/week); Full-time exempt negotiable for the right candidate

Rate of Pay: $23-$28 per hour (based on experience and qualifications)



  • Be flexible, be determined, and have a positive attitude.
  • Facilitate, record, and report on the Board of Directors’ Fundraising Committee efforts. 
  • Attend / report on Fundraising and Marketing Activities at monthly board meetings.
  • Participate in establishing Annual Budgets (Draft June – board/Final July) 
  • Work with ED to release Annual Report  (July & August)
  • Communicate and work closely with the Grants Coordinator (or ED) to support each department’s goals and avoid duplicating responsibilities and efforts. 
  • Attend any program and grant meetings as needed. 
  • Attend a weekly meeting with ED and other management staff and report and strategize on Fundraising activities.

Fundraising Events:

  • Work with ED and the Board of Directors’ Fundraising Committee to plan, initiate, and execute fundraising events and campaigns.  
  • Develop and execute an annual fundraising plan 
  • Establish monthly fundraising events with chefs, and other supporters.  Goal is to bring in a minimum of $2000 in profit per event.  Connect with key people to plan, initiate, and execute.  Ensure marketing promotion is done to gain additional support and make our organization and contributors stand out in the community. 
  • Manage and delegate all event activities –  sponsors, vendors, donors, auctions, etc. 
  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with major individual and corporate donors.

Marketing and Public Relations:

  • Maintain oversight of all Marketing and PR for Grow Some Good and cross market with its collaborating organizations.
  • Work to define “elevator speech” for all internal staff/ board.  Establish yearly  themes/strategies. 
  • Establish Social Media Plan; work with staff to have continual flow of quality stories.
  • Create appealing and effective social media postings that are responsible for promoting and maintaining the reputation of the “Grow Some Good” brand.
  • Inform the community of our activities and identify opportunities to engage and support the organization.
  • Increase engagement of social postings each month and maintain a schedule for releases.
  • Follow conversations relative to individual postings and interact with all public responses. 
  • Provide monthly KPI reporting for social media and website platforms and set relevant goals and objectives.
  • Work with the Management Team and Staff to ensure a quality newsletter is released monthly. Increase readership (list size + actual opens) by 10% each year.  Establish schedule of target posts going out 3 months.

Donor Development:

  • Complete and implement the Corporate Donor Package 
  • Complete and implement the Legacy Donor Package
  • Complete and implement the Individual Donor Package
  • Establish relationships with current donors
  • Maintain contact database and establish guides for flagging different donor levels
  • Establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for recognition of donors
  • Establish SOP for donor touches based on levels of giving.  Look into systems to track/automate.
  • Understanding of Chart of Accounts and Reporting from Quickbooks Online. 
  • Understand basics of tax requirements and accounting for nonprofits. 
  • Increase our overall Corporate and Individual Donor Giving by 20% per year. 
  • Meet goals established in the Donor Development and Fundraising Plans.  

Grant Support:

We are a small organization where everyone has to support each other and pick up tasks needed to make everyone successful.  Our organization will frequently need assistance with executing tasks in this area.  Those tasks may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist with overall grants tracking (application and report deadlines) and review with the core team.
  • Assist the team with writing grants, letters of intent, providing basic requirements, requesting letters of support, and submittals. 
  • Requesting Letters of Support.
  • Identify new grant sources and build personal relationships.


  • Associates, Bachelor’s or Advanced degree in communications, business, marketing, or public relations.
  • Familiarity with development activities and donors on Maui (preferred)
  • 2+ years experience in events and social media management with demonstrated effectiveness in growing an organization’s financial success
  • Understand social media KPIs
  • Familiar with web page design and publishing
  • Proficient in business posts on social media platforms
  • Understand SEO and web traffic data
  • Demonstrated excellence in organizational, managerial, grammar, and communication skills 
  • Knowledge of word processing, databases, and spreadsheets 
  • Knowledge of fundraising, donor engagement, and social media strategies 
  • Organized and self-motivated
  • Excellent time management
  • Exceptional at communication and building relationships
  • Passion for education, gardening, food security, nutrition, or health 

To Apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume through our application form. Questions regarding this position can be sent to: apply at grow some good dot org.

As a non-profit, positions are dependent on organization receiving grant funding and donations.