Gardens for Learning is a comprehensive guidebook that provides a strong foundation to support the growing school garden movement. It was developed by a team of experienced garden educators, nutritionists, California state officials, and other garden experts.


This guidebook is a must-have resource for anyone looking to enhance learning through the use of gardens in schools and other community settings.

Download the Complete PDF of Gardens for Learning

Download PDF Chapters of Gardens for Learning:

Cover and Introduction – Table of Contents, About CSGN, Foreward

Chapter 1 – Introduction to School Gardens

Chapter 2 – Planning Your School Garden

Chapter 3 – Linking Gardens to School Curriculum

Chapter 4 – Promoting Healthy Living

Chapter 5 – Designing Your School Garden

Chapter 6 – Finding Supplies and Funding Your Garden

Chapter 7 – Planting Your School Garden

Chapter 8 – Maintaining Your School Garden

Chapter 9 – Sustaining Your Garden

Chapter 10 – Working with Volunteers

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