Mahalo for Growing Some Good!

Thanks to you, last year was one of transformation for the Farm to School movement in Hawai’i.  Working together, we are lifting agriculture to a new level through thousands of young eyes on Maui and Lana’i. 2020 has definitely presented some challenges however we are adapting quickly to serve the community. Your support means a meal, a step, a leap for Maui.

Adapting the old proverb:

Give a child a meal and you feed them for the day. Teach a child to garden and you feed them for a lifetime.

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Mahalo nui loa for your kokua! 

Ways to help us grow

$5,000  SUSTAIN GARDEN PROGRAMS (or $425/month)

A gift at this level covers start-up costs for a new school garden program or expand programs to additional grades. It can support year-long gardening and healthy recipe workshops for thousands of students and their families, teachers and school staff.

$2,500  GROW OUR FUTURE (or $200/month)

Funds a month of school garden coordinator support, managing daily garden visits, and creating new outdoor learning adventures.

$500  SPROUT LIFETIME LEARNING (or $40/month)

Supplies garden tools and class materials to support outdoor learning in science, math, literacy, history, Hawaiian culture, arts, nutrition and more!

$250  NURTURE A GARDEN (or $21/month)

Provides healthy plants, rich soil, and irrigation for a raised bed.

$60  ADOPT A KEIKI GARDENER (or $5/month)

Sponsors a full year of school garden programs for each student.

Grow Some Good is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.