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What is Soil? (6-8)

Soil is composed of minerals, water, air and organic matter. Weʻll look at soil composition, soil chemistry(NPK) and overall soil health. Plant health is directly related to soil health, or soil fertility and look at ways of improving.

Compost (6-8)

Compost is our natural recycling system. Learn about what is in compost, the process for making compost and why it is important for our ecosystem.

Soil Food Web (6-8)

Understanding the food web is critical to supporting our garden ecosystem. This lesson goes into how we understand the food web and how we manage pests with that knowledge.

Erosion (6-8)

Topsoil is a necessity to life on the plant. Plants play a crucial role in creating and protecting topsoil by minimizing erosion and increasing water absorption of our soil.