School Network

Grow some good.

Maui Farm to School

Since 2008, Grow Some Good has provided school garden programming and now supports over 7,000 students each year. School Gardens are a key resource for learning, engaging with nature, and instilling healthy habits.

Supported Schools

We provide materials, staffing support and workdays though service relationships, grants and our volunteer program. Yearly agreements are established with each school to ensure consistent results and educational experience.

  • Kihei Elementary
  • Wailuku Elementary
  • Princess Nāhiʻenaʻena Elementary
  • Makawao Elementary
  • Pukalani Elementary
  • Waihe’e Elementary
  • Maunaloa Elementary, Molokaʻi

Self Sustaining Schools

Grow Some Good helps schools hire qualified and highly educated garden teachers, share our network resources, and provide education enhancement and professional development opportunities.

  • Lokelani Intermediate
  • Puʻu Kukui Elementary
  • Kamehameha Schools Maui
  • Hʻāiku Elementary
  • Hāna School
  • Montessori School of Maui
  • Lahaina Intermediate
  • Lahainaluna High
  • Maui High
  • King Kamehameha III Elementary
  • King Kekaulike High
  • Pāʻia Elementary
  • Baldwin High
  • Carden Academy
  • Kihei Charter School
  • Pōmaikaʻi Elementary

Network / Starter Schools

We offer these schools our network resources and support to grow their program. Some schools have gardens run by just a teacher or two; others have had a program in the past but do not at this time.

  • Kula Elementary
  • Kamali’i Elementary
  • Kahului Elementary
  • Iao Intermediate
  • Lanai School
  • Lihikai Elementary
  • Haleakala Waldorf
  • Kalama Intermediate
  • Maui Waena Intermediate
  • St. Anthony Grade School
  • Seabury Hall Middle School
  • Maui Adventist School
  • Emmanuel Lutheran
  • Maui Preparatory Academy
  • Roots School

Gnocchi in the Garden

Chef Geno Sarmiento of Nick's Fishmarket recently visited the gardens to give students a hands-on cooking demonstration.  Together they prepared gnocchi with an herb tomato sauce and pan-seared shrimp. Garden Coordinator Jadda Miller, along with  Chef Geno, take...

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Lesson from the Garden: How Do Seeds Grow?

What is a seed? Most plants grow from seeds, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures.  Within this compact package, seeds contain everything a plant needs to grow and reproduce. Some seeds, such as grass, begin life with one leaf. These kinds of seeds...

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Lesson from the Garden: Phototropism

What is Phototropism? Tropism is a growth response between a plant and an external stimulus. The stimulus could be weather, touch, time, gravity or light. A positive response is indicated by growth toward a stimulus and a negative response is indicated by growth away...

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Lesson from the Garden: Can plants move?

Can plants move? Yes! Plants have evolved adaptations that allow them to ‘move’.  Not in the sense that they uproot and walk away, but in other ways.  Plants can move toward or away from water, the sun, and in response to gravity! This is called tropism. What is...

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Lesson from the Garden: How Plants Breathe 

See How Plants Breathe     Fill a glass jar with water. Select a large leaf from a plant or tree nearby, drop it into the jar and screw the lid on.  Place the jar in a sunny spot. After an hour, ask students to look in the jar and report what they see inside. What Do...

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Harvest Festival Fun for Keiki Farmers

Harvest Festival Fun Keiki farmers at Kamalii Elementary School and Kihei Elementary School enjoyed a fun Harvest Festival at each of their schools. These annual events are a highlight of the school garden program, as students make and enjoy healthy snacks with fresh...

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