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Kumu Mea Kanu

Kumu kanu is the starting or originating plant that begins a plant collection. It is the first plant that the following seeds come from. It is also the teacher. The relationship with the kumu kanu teaches us the things that help us understand how to mālama that plant.

This exciting new program that we hope to deploy across schools and community programs across Maui. Your input is invaluable as we are trying to secure funding and understand the extent we can execute the rest of this school year and next year.

The program is an effective garden-learning tool in any learning model. In a nutshell, we distribute ‘garden learning kits’ to participating teachers. The initial kits include: pots, soil, seeds, journals, coloring pencils and magnifying glasses. For 6-8 weeks, teachers can utilize weekly training and activity videos that meet learning objectives, while students grow plants at home or at school. When complete, students are encouraged to return some of their successful plants back to Grow Some Good to be distributed to those in need within the community. We encourage students to keep some plants to continue gardening at home if they have the space and means to do so. Teachers will be oriented on how to best use the material and incentivized to complete the program. 

This program makes use of our online curriculum available at GrowSomeGood.org/online-courses. These courses are currently being slightly repackaged to better meet the “growing schedule”.  If you didn’t get into the kit program this time, you are welcome to use the online curriculum. 


We are filled up for 4th quarter 2021, however complete this form to show your interest next year or if you have a summer program.  

If you have any questions or comments, please visit our Curriculum Support Page