Get Involved

Pulling weeds in the kalo patch is part of the fun at Kihei Elementary School.


Grow Some Good is always on the lookout for new garden volunteers. There are always a variety of volunteer opportunities!  Gelp with watering and light maintenance in the mornings, or join a class and help with students during the day. We also have Mala Workdays or Work and Learn Days scheduled at various schools where volunteers help with general maintenance and are encouraged to bring gardening questions and share with the garden community.  Check our schedule for upcoming opportunities. Find volunteer information here.

Corporate Workday Events

Volunteers Get Creative Painting Fun Signs for the Gardens

Grow Some Good connects students to their food sources and inspires better nutrition choices through hands-on, outdoor learning experiences in school gardens. You can help contribute to this valuable resource for students by bringing your staff out to a Corporate Workday.

While working with members of our Maui community, including students, volunteers and Grow Some Good staff, experience what is unique about gardening in Hawaii. Together we can make a big impact on our future farmers, chefs, scientists, teachers and community leaders.

Corporate workday projects are fully scale-able and designed to fit all skills and abilities. See more find more information at Corporate Workday Events.


Corporate sponsorships are a great way to get your organization recognized in the community as a supporter for important local causes. Grow Some Good actively seeks sponsorships for our school gardens as well as for our annual fundraising event, Taste of School Gardens.


Grow Some Good appreciates every donation and works hard to maximize the impact of each dollar we receive. Your contribution will be put right to work buying soil amendments, seeds, starts, mulch, garden tools and much more to keep our gardens growing. Donate here.

How your contribution can help today.

$5,000  GROW OUR FUTURE (or $417/month)

A gift at this level or above enables us to start a program at another school, expand support at schools to additional grade levels or initiate a new project like a summer program.

$2,500  SUSTAIN GARDEN PROGRAMS (or $208/month)

Supplies garden tools and class materials to support outdoor learning in science, math, literacy, history, culture, arts, nutrition and more!

$500  NURTURE A GARDEN (or $42/month)

Funds the purchase of seeds and supplies for a garden nursery each quarter of the school year.

$250  INSPIRE LIFETIME LEARNING (or $21/month)

Provides science experiment supplies for an entire 2nd grade class.

$100  ADOPT A KEIKI GARDENER (or $8/month)

Sponsors a full year of school garden programs for each student.