About Grow Some Good

Our History

Our program was created in 2008 under South Maui Sustainability’s School Garden Committee to support gardens created at Kihei Elementary, Lokelani Intermediate School and Kamali’i Elementary. Members of South Maui Sustainability felt that working in schools was reaching our future generations to instill much needed knowledge about sustainability, our environment and nutrition. Since its inception, the program has expanded its outreach  from one teacher at Kihei Elementary and three small raised beds to 11 schools and more than 4,000 students participating in outdoor learning programs every month. Read more of our organizational history.

Board of Directors

Rosa McAllister –Board of Directors President

Co-founder and Organizational Advisor of Networks for Training and Development, Inc.

Lehn Huff – Board of Directors Vice President

Director, Maui School Garden Network

Judy Locke – Board of Directors Secretary

Retired Teacher, Hawaii State Department of Education

Kirk Surry – Director Emeritus

Co-Founder of Grow Some Good

Content Strategist, Parallel Interactive


Kathy Becklin – Founding Member, Board of Directors Treasurer

Co-Founder of Grow Some Good

Executive Director, Grow Some Good; REALTOR Broker with Keller Williams Realty Maui


Grow Some Good Organization Documents and Financials


Grow Some Good FY 2017-18 Income/Expense Distribution Charts

Income Distribution

The chart shows distribution of the income to Grow Some Good from August 2017 to date. The overall budget was $234,100 which we have exceeded by a small amount. Program income is from schools with a vendor agreement and for services performed in concert with Maui School Garden Network. We have a good mix of income sources.

Expense Distribution

The expenses and distribution reflect the small and newer organization. For FY 2017-18, we had 8 part time employees who were all covered by health benefits which is a large piece of our overall expenses. We have allocated administrative and benefits across our employee base. Three of the five garden coordinators also have a position as a PTT (17 hrs/wk) with a school and the board elected to cover medical benefits as long as they are working as a school garden coordinator in excess of 30 hours/week. Although we look at the PTT hours as our “program work” they are not included in our income/expenses and make our distribution to program appear lower than it actually is.

Grow Some Good Programs

We currently only have a single program to support 11 school gardens. The chart shows how hours and expenses are allocated to the curriculum development and program management, maintenance of the gardens and garden education. We have one after school program at Kihei Elementary where we share staff costs with the YMCA.

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IRS Determination Letter

Our fiscal year starts in August.

Fiscal Year 2016-17 IRS Form 990

Fiscal Year 2015-16 IRS Form 990 (partial year)

2008-2015 we were under Fiscal Sponsor Tri-Isle RC&D


Grow Some Good is lucky to have an excellent staff of highly qualified, knowledgeable individuals who bring a wealth of experience in agriculture and working with young people. They have degrees in Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Education, Sociology, Psychology, Computer Science, Communications, and Non-Profit Management. Employees include six Garden Coordinators, a Development Director, and an Executive Director. All positions are currently part-time.

Read more about our staff.

Employment Opportunities

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