Community Food Systems Program

This program was kicked off in 2020 with our support of 2 community gardens at the YMCA and Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  With the high rate of food insecurity on Maui, we decided to name the program to encompass more… to stick with our mission to cultivate a healthy community by strengthening local agriculture and improving access to nutritious, affordable food. 

Community Food Systems Focus Areas

Plant Distribution

We grow and distribute plants to people who want to learn to grow their own food.  We share information on care, growing, use and storage of many types of plants that grow well in our tropical climates.  

Community Gardens

We stick with what we do best!  Build gardens and educate people (families and keiki) on growing food! We hope to integrate some kitchen programs to demonstrate how to prepare food that grows in our gardens. 

Community Food Systems Articles

2020 Annual Report

Announcing our first annual report to be released! It has been a transitional year in many ways.   This 16-page report highlights:  School Garden Programs New Programs Financials  Recognition to all the people who have made us successful  Click on the image to open...

Kumu Mea Kanu — Our newest project

Kumu Mea Kanu — Our newest project

This is our newest hybrid learning project for schools, parents and keiki. We are going to combine our online learning with the concept of "learning kits" for students to do garden-based activities at home or at school. 400 Read more about the project here.   If...