What and When To Plant in South Maui

Here are a few pieces that we’ve gotten from various sources that may help others decide what to plant and when to plant it.

This one page summary tells what to plant by elevation.  (Source: Master Gardeners)

Vegetables in South Maui Chart  – This list was prepared and presented by Susan Wyche at a South Maui Sustainability session on growing in South Maui.

A few tips for beginners:

  • One of the easiest things to grow here is basil.  It works year round, sun or shade, in a container or in the ground.  Pinch off flowers to keep sweet flavor. Plant different types for culinary delight.  Take cuttings if plant starts looking tired, put them in water and plant the “new plant with roots” in about a week.
  • Cherry tomatoes are the easiest to grow here.
  • One issue during the summer is transpiration.  With our hot winds and sandy soil a plant may wilt in just hours. With watering they may actually perk up but if you see this happening, you may have to water twice a day!  Mulching helps as does adding more compost to the soil.
  • When plants “go to seed” before they are even ripe or full grown, it is often because our soil temperatures are high.  Spread mulch thick and recognize that some things just won’t grow during our hot seasons.

One thought to “What and When To Plant in South Maui”

  1. Earthworms and especially compost worms increase soil retention of water by 30%. All the cafeteria food waste and paper will create pounds and pounds of worm castings. With 6″-12″ or more of hydrated earth made from worms, plants in hot areas will survive and produce to a major degree that is not possible otherwise. Further, the vitamins from the worm poop strengthen the plants to withstand disease and pests to marked degrees. Take a look at the high mineral content of castings made from garbage (that by the way has no odor. A garbage can stinks but not a worm farm with the same garbage.

    http://theworminstitute.org/ See U of HI Analysis.

    We would like to support Grow Some Good and educate on the value of worms, while taking action to deal with garbage in an intelligent manner.

    Don’t forget the worms in the education and the analysis!

    LLoyd Fischel

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