5 Senses and Cover Crop Turning

Today we explored the 5 Senses in the Garden with Kihei Elementary School kindergarteners and turned nitrogen-fixing and phosphorous-rich cover crops into the soil for a final round with all grades before planting new fruits and vegetables for the year.

To start the adventures, Chef Kristin Etheredge gave each student gardener a taste of fresh apple bananas from her home and juicy strawberry papayas, then collected compost scraps to feed the soil. As we sampled the harvest, students talked with Kathy and Kris about similarities between soil health and human health, plant parts, decomposers in the compost, then discovered a bright red ladybug on a tour with Gadener Kirk, learned about beneficial insects and brainstormed describing words to write in their journals.

Mahalo to all for sharing mana’o and helping to inspire a new generation of chefs, teachers, scientists, farmers and urban gardeners on these islands!

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Green Smoothie 101 @ Kihei Elementary School Garden

We taste tested a new idea for a garden class today at Kihei Elementary School Garden.

Greens and herbs were ready to pick in the garden before turning in cover crops and other growing areas, so Kihei Elementary School students from Ms. Sturm’s 1st grade class and YMCA A+ after schoolers got to try our first green smoothie day!

As we searched the garden for green herbs, we covered plant parts, how plants make food through photosynthesis, nutrition in fruits and vegetables – which plants have edible leaves, which ones have edible fruit.

Mahalo nui to Whole Foods Market in Kahului for donating organic apple juice to our green smoothie classes!

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Think kids would be grossed out by green smoothies?  Not these kids! They went nuts over the greens (especially the mint!) and told us to add more! And they actually asked for seconds! Favorite names the students had for the green smoothies: Healthy Hulk and Green Lantern!

Check out the YouTube Video – Green Smoothie 101: Kihei Elementary School

Green Smoothie Recipe (serves 15-20 in small cups):
– bunches of parsley, mint and kale (as much as you can pick!)
– one papaya (remove seeds and scoop out insides)
– 2-3 bananas
– 4 cups organic apple juice

– just a few cubes of ice (not too slushy)

Don’t forget… flowing water washing station, salad spinners, flexi cutting mats, non-latex gloves for little hands, butter knives, spoons and a blender … and 15 – 20 green smoothie maniacs!

Find more awesome green smoothie recipes at: