Nature Hills Nursery Green America Awards

Due: April 1, 2011
The 2011 Nature Hills Nursery Green America Awards, designed to give national recognition and $5,000 in plants to community groups and organizations that are improving their local environments, is now accepting applications. The annual award, sponsored by Omaha-based Nature Hills Nursery, will be presented in April 2011 to groups and organizations that are literally “greening” their communities, parks, schools and public spaces by planting trees, shrubs and other plants. The Grand Prize winning garden project will receive $2,500 in plants from Nature Hills Nursery. The First Prize winner will receive $1,500 in plants from Nature Hills Nursery, and the Second Prize winner will receive $1,000 in plants. The plant materials can contain any combination of trees, fruit trees, bushes and shrubs, perennials and vegetable seeds available from

Shade Structure Program

Due: April 22, 2011
The American Academy of Dermatology’s Shade Structure Program awards grants in the amount of $8,000 each for the purchase of permanent shade structures designed to provide shade and ultraviolet (UV) ray protection for outdoor areas. The AAD also provides a permanent sign to be displayed near the shade structure that promotes the importance of sun safety. More information is available at

2010 Golden Carrot Awards

Deadline: Rolling
Healthy School Lunches and their Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is seeking nominations for its Golden Carrot Awards for outstanding school food service professionals who have developed and implemented a healthful and successful school lunch program. The grand prize winner will receive $1,500 and a $3,500 check made out to her or his school or school district. Up to four additional awards will be given, with $500 going to the food service professional and $500 to benefit the school food service program.
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If you are interested in 5 Easy Steps to Better Lunches, check this out!

Fruit Tree 101

Deadline: Rolling
The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation brings fruit tree orchards to schoolyards, so students can make a positive environmental impact at their school, while creating a source of tasty snacks for decades to come. Orchard donations involve, on average, about 20-25 trees minimum to public schools. The trees, materials, orchard installation design work, and onsite environmental curriculum with students are all donated, free of charge for the benefit of the school and its students. Find more information and application at

Operation Green Plant – Free Seed Grants

Deadline: Rolling

America the Beautiful Fund’s Operation Green Plant program is offering grants of FREE SEEDS (vegetable, flower, or herb) to encourage citizen efforts to protect and preserve America’s lands and resources. Shipping and handling fees for the first set of 100 seed packets is $14.95. Additional set(s) of 100 packets are available for $5 per set.
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Wild Ones Seeds for Education

Deadline: October 15, 2011

The Wild Ones – Seeds for Education Program (SFE) began in 1996 and was named in honor of naturalist and Wild Ones inspirational leader Lorrie Otto, a pioneer in the natural landscaping movement in the United States and on who’s philosophy Wild Ones was founded. SFE annually gives cash awards to places of learning and other organized groups who successfully communicate their vision of creating natural landscapes using native plants for the purpose of educating users of the facility and the community. Applications are judged and winners selected by a volunteer panel of educators and naturalists. SFE Nursery Partners (native plant nurseries and propagators) also donate seeds, plants and guidance to grant recipients.

Many Wild Ones support community efforts to establish or maintain natural areas, and work with local schools, scout groups and other organizations to create butterfly gardens, rainwater gardens, or other projects.

The Wild Ones’ mission (to educate and share information about the benefits of natural landscaping using native species to promote biodiversity and environmentally sound practices) encourages members to interact with the community. As members see the results of their native landscaping in their backyards, they begin to notice other areas in their communities where naturally landscaping could be beneficial. They also become aware of community efforts to help children learn about the natural world. Many members support these efforts.  See more at

Herb Society of America Grant for Educators

Due: December 31, 2010
The Grant for Educators challenges individuals, groups or small businesses to develop and deliver learning experiences to the public. The grant recognizes innovative projects that enhance herbal education in school systems, in communities, or in any public forum (electronic or person-to-person). It requires learning goals and a mechanism to measure the educational outcomes.
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Project Orange Thumb Grant ~ December 31, 2010

Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb provides tools, materials and other support to help communities reach their goals for neighborhood beautification, community collaboration and healthy, sustainable food sources. This year, Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb will select 11 recipients – 10 programs will receive $5,000 in cash and tools to help support their goals of neighborhood beautification and horticulture education, and one lucky applicant will receive a complete garden makeover!
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