Our Team

A Great Team = Great Gardens

Meet the many talented individuals who make our school gardens successful!

Kathy Becklin, Executive Director

Kathy has served as Executive Director since 2016. She is a co-founder of Grow Some Good and has been the treasurer, website developer and IT specialist since 2009.

Kathy has a BS in Computer Science. She has over 25 years of experience in technology working as software engineer and in management roles at companies including Lockheed Martin, SuccessFactors and Adobe Systems. She left high-tech when she moved to Maui in 2006 and started a career in real estate. Kathy is a Real Estate Broker with KW Island Living.  As a gardening advocate, Kathy also has taken plant identification and landscape design classes as well as going through the Maui Master Gardeners program.

Kathy says:

My goal for the school gardens this year is to move Grow Some Good to a more sustainable operating model where we work closely with schools to ensure high level education is happening in our outdoor classrooms.  We are always looking for more ways to measure our impact. We see it everyday just by observing the classes.  It  is really about building productive gardens, productive kids and having a lot of fun. We have an amazing team this year!

My favorite thing about working with kids is: Kids don’t have borders. They are curious and can learn things that adults label as “too hard for that grade level.” I really love when they taste something new or observe a critter and are excited about sharing their experience with their family.

My favorite thing about gardens is:  There is always something new to learn, new to try!  There are always great friends to meet in the garden. I have to mention compost…I am the compost-queen…there are so many great lessons in composting.

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui:   Whatever is growing in my backyard.  Mango, pumelo and more.  My new favorite is breadfruit and hope to get a tree growing soon!

Malia Bohlin, Development Director

Malia has a BS in Mass Communications and Journalism, and a Master’s degree in Non Profit Management. She has over 20 years of fundraising experience, and started with Grow Some Good in 2015.

Malia says:

My goal for the school gardens this year is to keep them well-funded, with adequate supplies, staff time and materials, in order to optimize the fun, curiosity and learning in our outdoor classrooms.

I’m really looking forward to: the enhancement of our current lessons to align even more closely with curriculum standards, to better support teachers and have even more significant learning outcomes for students.

My favorite thing about working with kids is: their willingness to try new things.

My favorite thing about gardens is: witnessing the magic of growing things. From a small seed, to a sprout, a plant, a tree, and then harvesting buckets of fruit. Simply amazing.

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui: it’s a tie between lilikoi and lychee. Ok, lilikoi.

Nadine Rasmussen, Curriculum Adviser

Nadine has an Associates in Art and Science, as well as extensive experience in business operations, organizational and event planning. She has been teaching in outdoor classroom with Grow Some Good since 2014.

Nadine says:

My goal for the school garden programs this year is: helping to facilitate a deep connection to the earth, our families and our health goals.  Being on a small island in the middle of the Pacific lets us have a close-knit community, if we choose it.  We have an obligation to heal and help each other with our resources and knowledge.  Creating an environment of equality, honor and understanding is a huge building block for the future of our keiki and I’m eternally grateful to be a part of that.

What I’m really looking forward to: is seeing the changes in the students through the garden. Children are free to ask questions and connect to the earth on a personal level.  Having gardens in schools helps to nourish healthy choices, have kind interactions with people and creatures, and instills a yearning for more knowledge and understanding.  I’m so proud when I hear back from students that have created healthier lifestyles at home because of things we’ve learned in the school garden.

My favorite thing about working with kids is: their intensity.  Children are so eager to learn, grow and share things they know.  Children are our future.  We are responsible for showing them by example and explanation how to take care of the earth and each other.  One carries a huge responsibility by being a teacher, but the impact one can make is exponential.

My favorite thing about gardens is: the magic that happens when you’re in it.  Working in a garden makes me feel so grounded and rooted in the island.  I have a much deeper respect for the land, the creatures that make healthy soil and all the choices I can make to preserve our ‘aina for future generations.

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui is…. so hard to pick just one.  Because it’s such a rare treat for me to find, I’d have to say Jamaican Lilikoi.


My other passion is Roller Derby.  I currently skate with the Maui Roller Girls and have been skating for 5 years.  When I started, I looked like bambi on ice; a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and practice, has definitely helped!

Kat Powers, Garden Coordinator

Kahului Elementary School & Wailuku Elementary School

Kat has 25+ years as professional landscape designer & contractor.  She has taken courses in landscape design, irrigation, native plant identification & small business practices. Kat is currently working on an Aromatherapy Certificate. Kat also serves as part-time Farm Manager for Grow Some Good.

Kat says:

My goal for my gardens this year is to provide a functional, healthy, fun & safe garden learning experience.

What I’m really looking forward to:  working with the kieki and getting to know the school communities.

My favorite thing about working with kids is: watching them thrive, laugh and learn!

My favorite thing about gardens is: being a part of all that grows.

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui is breadfruit.


I have so much appreciation for this opportunity to work in the school gardens.

Alexis Kageyama, Garden Coordinator

Lokelani Intermediate School and Kamali’i Elementary School

Alexis has BA Degrees in Sociology and Psychology with an Education Minor, along with over three years of experience teaching in an outdoor classroom. She served as lead science teacher at Galileo Camp, an educational summer camp.

Alexis says:

My goal for my gardens this year is to grow as much food as possible!

What I’m really looking forward to: spending time outdoors with the students and seeing their enthusiasm for the garden and nature.

My favorite thing about working with kids is: experiencing their curiosity, excitement, and unique perspective on the world.

My favorite thing about gardens is: the way they bring us closer to the Earth.

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui is lychee!

Cynthia Cordova, Garden Coordinator

Pu’u Kukui Elementary School and Waihe’e Elementary School

Cynthia has BA Degrees in Agriculture, Food and Sustainability and in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production. She started with Grow Some Good in 2016.

Cynthia says:

My goal for the gardens this year is to grow more, harvest more, and share more.

What I’m really looking forward to: Teaching in the shade structure that was built over the summer at Pu’u Kukui. When it rains or when it’s really hot the students now have a place to sit and take a break.

I’m looking forward on becoming a coordinator for a new school. I’m excited to meet the new community at Waihe’e and grow together.

My favorite thing about working with kids is: teaching them the power of growth and watching them grow with their plants.

My favorite thing about gardens is: how it creates a sense of community. It brings people together to work for a greater good.

My favorite fruits that grow on Maui are lilikoi and mango.

Jadda Miller, Garden Coordinator

Kihei Elementary School

Jadda has a BS in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, and is currently working on an MS in Environmental Studies.

Jadda says:

My goal for my garden this year is continue with the goals and progress that were made in the years past, while remaining open to new thoughts and visions for the garden in the years ahead. Allowing for it to become what the school and community envision it to be.

What I’m really looking forward to: learning more about is the Hawaiian language, culture and native plant varieties.

My favorite thing about working with kids is: I learn just as much, if not more, from them as they do from me. They are wonderful teachers.

My favorite thing about gardens is: the connection that happens between people and the Earth, which ideally leads to the cultivation of healthy food, soil, bodies, communities and environment.

My favorite fruit or vegetable that grows on Maui is an avocado.


‘A‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia.
No task is too big when done together by all.

Bradley Mason, Garden Coordinator

Princess Nahienaena Elementary School, Lahaina Intermediate School, and Maui Preparatory Academy

Bradley was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and moved to West Maui in July of 2010. The son of a teacher and coach, education and athletics have been a part of his life since his youth. He was an elite swimmer and water polo player in Illinois, so moving to an island home was a natural fit. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a major in Education and a minor in Math and Science Concepts for Middle School Instruction. This is his seventh year in education in West Maui having taught science at both Sacred Hearts School and Lahainaluna High School. This is his seventh season as the Head Coach of the Lahainaluna Water Polo team having earned MIL Coach of the Year recognition in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

His passion for organic gardening/farming, local food security and incorporating health and wellness into education began while at Sacred Hearts, where he created his first organic school garden. He was trained by the Ku Aina Pa School Garden Teacher Training Program based in Waimea, Hawaii and also at the Farm as School, Food as Medicine Institute, a biodynamic farm in Pauuilo, Hawaii. Bradley is excited to a part of the Grow Some Good family and continuing the important work of teaching West Maui students about growing food and establishing lifelong healthy habits.

If you have question about our team, schools or program, please contact us at 808-215-9228.