Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in helping inspire the next generation of farmers, chefs, scientists, and community leaders? Grow Some Good is hiring qualified candidates in the following roles:

Garden Coordinator

The Garden Coordinator leads curriculum-focused outdoor classes and garden-based nutrition workshops. The Garden Coordinator works with teachers as they plan their lessons utilizing the outdoor classroom and models skills that teachers need to feel comfortable using the garden to teach science, history, social studies, cultural studies, math, literacy and other standards in practical real-life applications.

Required Qualifications:

  • Two years of college, with work in agriculture, science, ecology, environmental science, education or related field. Relevant work experience may be substituted for college background.
  • 1+ years of facilitation or teaching experience with youth aged 5 — 14.
  • Knowledge and experience in growing a variety of edible plants in tropical climates. Knowledge of topics including urban gardening, botany, biodynamics, indigenous farming techniques; environmental science, health and nutrition, food systems, food access are a plus.
  • Able to establish positive rapport with diverse groups of students and volunteers through written and verbal communications. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations including youth and adults.
  • Ability to organize work plans and work independently.
  • In good physical condition with willingness to participate in occasional physical labor in garden setting. Must be able to lift and carry 25 lbs.
  • Should have access to transportation for occasional supplies procurement and delivery and be able to show proof of insurance for vehicle used.
  • May be required to meet Department of Education minimum qualifications for employment and/or complete background check.
  • Must be able to access a personal computer and have a cell phone.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Work with teachers to develop lessons that support classroom teaching in a range of curriculum areas (science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, etc.). Lead garden classes, incorporating both environmental science and nutrition education as they relate to the garden.
  2. Oversee and coordinate students’ hands-on experiences in the garden
    (planting, tending, harvesting and cooking).
  3. Lead safe and efficient maintenance of the garden, coordinate volunteers, support school outreach functions and work with PTA and PCNC (Parent Child Networking Coordinator) and Grow Some Good to secure needed supplies.
  4. Collaborate with Grow Some Good on garden scheduling / maintenance, plan and prepare for garden work activities, co-manage planting schedule, ensure availability of tools and other necessary materials.
  5. Establish garden time schedule with teachers.
  6. Participate in community garden events that bring students, families, teachers and community members together.
  7. Maintain necessary records of garden use and volunteer activity.

There are positions available which may be either Grow Some Good or Department of Education positions.
10-35 hours per week depending on position
Variable based on school hours but typically 7 hours/day
between 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. up to 5 days/week + prep time
Location: South, West and/or Central Maui
RATE: $16 – $21 per hour depending on experience


Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator is responsible for recruiting, placing, training and encouraging volunteers for the Grow Some Good organization. They define and establish practices that use volunteers to assist our school garden coordinators, provide garden maintenance, support Work & Learn Days and other volunteer activities. They track volunteer performance and provide recognition for their accomplishments. This is a new position so procedures and systems will need to be developed.


The Volunteer Coordinator should have the following skills and experience:

  • Working knowledge of gardening, nutrition, local growing patterns and community resources.
  • Experience in garden education, project planning, implementation and management.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with other staff to understand volunteer needs.
  • Experience in recruiting, coordinating and managing volunteers of all ages.
  • Well organized, computer literate, creative problem solver; competent using social media and database tools.
  • Strong and effective verbal and written communication skills; proficient at public speaking.
  • Able to communicate with, supervise and support volunteers to be effective in their roles.
  • Commitment to Grow Some Good’s program goals and mission.
  • Experience in collaborative, inter-agency communication and project partnerships; community networking experience and ability to work with diverse populations.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Support outreach activities and fundraising events by managing volunteers for events.
  2. Provide notifications of upcoming volunteer opportunities through GSG newsletter, social media and school-specific notices.
  3. Recruit and orient volunteers for specific positions, based on event needs.
  4. Establish procedures to orient and approve volunteers based on the work they do. For example, we need to run background checks on those who work regularly when children are in the gardens.
  5. Work with each garden coordinator to ensure we maintain records of volunteer contact information, preferences to job tasks and preferred school(s), as well as hours that have been worked at each school.
  6. Be first line of support when volunteers may have a conflict or issue with GSG staff, teachers or other volunteers.  If needed, escalate issues to appropriate GSG management.
  7. Organize volunteer team building and recognition events.
  8. Facilitate introductions and communications among volunteers and GSG staff and other partner organizations.
  9. Attend school and partner organization meetings for purpose of recruiting volunteers.
  10. Manage volunteer schedules and find substitutes as needed.  (e.g. volunteer regularly checks irrigation in garden but will be on vacation for 3 weeks).
  11. Establish training and orientation for volunteers.
  12. Work with garden coordinators so they can effectively set up and use volunteer systems.
  13. Provide recognition for volunteers on a regular basis.
  14. Other duties as agreed upon by coordinator and operations.

Note: The volunteer coordinator is not expected to be present at all activities where volunteers are present but is encouraged to attend larger events.  They may need to provide training to GSG staff and lead volunteers.

15 hours per week, some weeks may be more
Location: Variable, based on projects and events; South, West and/or Central Maui and/or your home office.
RATE: $16 – $21 per hour depending on experience.

To apply, email us at: apply  at GrowSomeGood.org with cover letter and resume. No phone calls please.